One of our main services is the translation of texts. Our objective is to understand and interpret our clients’ texts in order to convey their message in a different language. Over the years, we have incorporated many specific notions into our linguistic expertise and become familiar with technical terminology in many fields. Below is a brief list of our main areas of specialisation:

Legal/judicial area: legal texts require a high grade of accuracy, both in relation to the contents and the terminology. The language used in texts of this type is extremely specific. Our customer portfolio includes many law firms and notary public offices from all over Europe.

Examples of texts:
∙ Lawsuits (criminal and civil law).
∙Purchase and sale, agency, lease, insurance, inheritance and other agreements.
∙ Police reports.

Technical area:rmática, etc.)a large number of our jobs fall into this category. Our clients include large and small businesses from different sectors (automotive, electrical material, architecture, data processing and so on) who communicate with international customers. These texts usually have extremely technical contents and a highly specific language that we are able to interpret and transmit thanks to our extensive experience in the sector.

Examples of texts::
∙ Machine operating instructions.
∙ Software
∙ Product technical data sheets.

Commercial area: this type of text requires precision in terms of the content and writing skills to ensure that the style of the text is adequate, natural and attractive to the public. Many of our clients are large corporations that have entrusted us with the translation of their commercial texts, in other words, corporate contents describing their business activity.

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Examples of texts:
∙ Catalogues
∙ Websites
∙ Product launch campaigns.
∙ Corporate material for internal and external use.

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Tourism/advertising area: these texts are usually of a general nature and pleasant to read, but they are not always as easy to translate as they seem. In such cases, it is not sufficient to transmit the message, it is also necessary to interpret it and adapt it to the public of a different country, without losing its attractiveness. As well as precision, a certain amount of creativity is required.

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Examples of texts:
∙ Tourist operator websites.
∙ Tourist package search engines.
∙ Advertising material for hotels, restaurants, spas and so on.