We are a group of translators and conference interpreters who share a passion for our work and put our heart and soul into our profession. Whenever a client asks us for a translation, we create an ad hoc team made up exclusively of native, expert translators. Below is a brief presentation of our in-house translator team, as the Ticapisco network operates with more than fifty external professionals, depending on the linguistic combination and the type of text assigned.

Daniela Pellegrini

Director and Project Manager
Daniela has a Translation and Interpretation degree from Trieste University and has 20 years’ experience as a translator and a conference interpreter. She is the founder of Ticapisco, a member of the translation associations APTIC and AiTi and specialises in translating technical, commercial and legal texts. Her duties include maintaining contact with clients, project management, coordinating the team and the final proofreading of the texts.


Xavier Campos

Director Comercial
Xavier studied business administration and management at Euncet (UPC), where he gained extensive professional experience in the Small & Medium Enterprises creation and management area, in addition to working in the automotive and industrial harware sectors, mostly in the Purchases, Logistics, Export and sales departments. He runs the Commercial Department at Ticapisco as well as providing his services as a technical terminology consultant.

Traductores especializados

Translator/proofreader (German)
Alexander has a Law degree from Innsbruck University and is a sworn translator/conference interpreter in the German/Italian language combination. Since 2000, he has worked as a mediator, specialising in the family and commercial areas. He works with courts, law firms, notary public offices and companies from all parts of Austria.

Terrassa specialized translators

Traductores especializados Terrassa

Translator/proofreader (English)
He obtained an English Literature degree from Leeds University and studied at the Institute of Linguists in Barcelona. He has more than 15 years’ experience in an important corporate events agencies of Barcelona and he specializes in tourism, marketing and gastronomy.

Sant Cugat specialized translators

Traductores especializados Sant Cugat

Translator/proofreader (English)
Kelly obtained a Translation degree from the Institute of Linguists in Barcelona as well as brand experience in the international tourism sector. She has been working as a professional translator for more than 15 years and specialises in the translation of technical and legal texts.

Specialized interpreters Barcelona

Interpretes especializados

Translator/proofreader (Spanish)
She studied architecture in Spain and Ireland, and exercised this profession until 2006. She has a Translation and Interpreting degree, and since 2012 she is the alma mater of proTECT, a project dedicated to the promotion of technical translation. She lectures at the Barcelona Autonomous University School of Translation/Conference Interpretation and is a member of the associations APTIC, Asetrad, SELM and ACCC.

Sant Cugat specialized interpreters

Interpretes especializados Barcelona

Translator/proofreader (Portuguese)
Margherita was born in Lisbon. She lived and studied in Italy, where she obtained a Specialised Translation and Conference Interpretation degree from SSLMIT in Trieste. After working with several translation agencies, she specialised in the cosmetics, watchmaking and tourism sectors. She currently continues to live between Italy and Portugal and is a member of ProZ.

Specialized interpreters Terrassa